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Who are you?

I’m Australian, yep just like Jarryd Hayne, except slower, larger and slightly less athletic.

A passing interest in the NFL became a full-time obsession when the signing of Jarryd Hayne gave all of Australia a reason to follow the San Francisco 49ers.

Why should I read aussiefaithful.com?

I hope whoever is writing for aussiefaithful.com can bring a different side to the NFL that perhaps you can’t get from those born into an NFL family.

It is the NFL with an Australian focus, and like most Aussies, we won’t take things too serious until its game time.

Quality will win over quantity although we are averaging an article a day, and I hope the growing passion for NFL in Australia will show through on the content here.

How long have you supported the NFL?

Since Hayne-o’clock really, but don’t take us as fair weather fans.

Being an Australian NFL supporter is tough. Games are usually played at 3 and 6 am our time, or worse still right in the middle of the work day.

It takes a different type of commitment that only those in different time zones will understand.

How do I keep up with the craziness?

The NFL never stops, and sometimes it is hard to keep up with all that is going on. If you want tailored updates with an Aussie twist on the NFL, sign up below for spam-free updates when important Australian NFL player news drops.

I don’t want email straight to me, anything else?

Sure thing, 49aus is on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and a few others. We interact with everyone on Twitter and Facebook, so that is your best start, but follow, enjoy and follow us on the journey below.