Mitchell Williams-Swain

Australia are pretty well versed these days on players code hopping into American Football, but not too many have done it from Australian sprinting until Mitchell Williams-Swain signed his professional contract with the National Gridiron League.

Mitchell Williams-Swain, Stawell Gift winner, one of Australia’s top sprinters

Mitchell Williams-Swain becomes the first player to make a repeat appearance on the AussieFaithful Podcast. The first appearance was very brief at the NGL National Combine in the Gold Coast.

Williams-Swain comes to the NGL from a rugby league and sprinting background. Using his national sprinting experience, he topped the time sheets of both the National and Regional NGL combines this year.

We get him back on the show after our brief chat in episode three of the Podcast to talk Rio Olympics, American Football, and even got a few questions in from listeners along the way.

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The audio you hear at the beginning of this episode is from his victory in Australia’s richest sprinting race, the Stawell Gift in 2011, and be sure to check out his new business, the Man Made Challenge ahead of its re-launch this summer.

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