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Four more sleeps and we finally get to see some on field action in the NFL. Sure it is preseason, but for many, that is the only chance they will get to show their talents on the biggest stage of them all.

This season there are six Aussies on an extended 90 man rosters at the start of this exhibition season.

So which of the Aussies will we see running around in the exhibition games over the next few weeks?

1Adam Gotsis – Denver Broncos

Second round draft pick Adam Gotsis was tipped to return to action after a knee injury around training camp, and all went exactly to schedule.

In fact some would say it is ahead of schedule, already gaining second team reps and taking full contact, he is sure to play a big part in the Broncos team this season if the knee holds up.

I see myself as 100 per cent when I’m in full live contact, full pads and there’s bodies all over the ground – Adam Gotsis

Will we see him in preseason games?

Gotsis is likely to get some game time later in the exhibition season, but don’t expect much more than a token snap or two to protect their second round investment as he recovers from a serious knee injury.

2Brad Wing – New York Giants

Brad Wing is one of two Australian punters on an active roster with no current competition.

After a stellar year last year, and off an offseason that included organising a charity softball game with Odell Beckham Jr, Wing comes into this season with extra confidence and is looking at taking his game to a new level this season.

This is the first time I’m the only punter on the roster, It’s good to be around a staff that has confidence and trust in you and believes in you. I think it helps you take your game to the next level. – Newsday

“Next level” seems to include added trick plays, with Wing practicing fake punts this week and throwing to center Weston Richburg for the touchdown.

Could we see an Aussie throw for a touchdown this season?

Will we see him in preseason games?

Being the only punter on the roster, we will see plenty of Wing this exhibition season. There is the possibility of a camp punter coming in should a spot open up, but it would be not much more than to give Wing a rest.

3Jordan Berry – Pittsburgh Steelers

Going into his second season as the incumbent punter for the Steelers, Jordan Berry will be up against rookie Will Monday (that is not a question, that is his name) for the starting job.

Most pick Berry to retain his spot after an up and down rookie season, and if his form in offseason high school camps is anything to go by, he is in good form.

Will we see him in preseason games?

Berry and Monday should share the kicking duties in the exhibition season, and it won’t take much for the pendulum to swing the way of Monday after an inconsistent season and the history of the Steelers special teams.

This will be the battle to watch for the Aussies.

4Lachlan Edwards – New York Jets

The second of the Aussie punters to be in camp with no competition is rookie Lachlan Edwards.

Unfortunately it is at the expense of fellow Aussie Tom Hackett who was release last week to make room for quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Hackett has impressed coaches with leg strength and hang time, consistently launching punts over 60 yards in training camp that has ultimately won him the starting spot for the Jets.

Will we see him in preseason games?

We may see another punter coming in to share preseason duties with Edwards, but his job looks safe at the Jets to start the season. Even so, the Jets will be keen for Edwards to get used to being on the field in the NFL and working on his consistency, perhaps the weakest part of his game.

5Blake Muir – San Francisco 49ers

The last great hope for what remains of the Aussie 49ers fans, Blake Muir is up against it to make the starting roster this season.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is being low in the depth charts should mean plenty of exhibition season game time. Practicing mainly in the second and third team at camp, Muir’s best shot is still a practice squad position for this season.

Will we see him in preseason games?

Barring a “Hayne-like” preseason, we are best to enjoy what we can of Muir during exhibition games as we most likely not going to see Muir again until next season if he can fight his way onto that practice squad.

6David Yankey – Carolina Panthers

The least known of the Aussie players in the NFL, Offensive Lineman David Yankey is now at the Panthers after two seasons with the Minnesota Vikings where he was picked up in the draft in the fifth round.

Now fully fit, it is “go time” for Yankey to make an impression on the NFL, but is up against it in the star-studded roster of the Carolina Panthers.

As we go through training camp we’ll see how all of that shakes out, but it’s up to me using my versatility and playing all out, balls to the wall – Yankey to Fox Sports

Yankey should see plenty of exhibition time this season as he pushes for a spot on the 53 man squad after spending last season on the Vikings practice squad.

As a side note, the Panthers also gave a tryout to Aussie punter Jamie Keehn over the preseason, and their new special teams coach is none other than Thomas McGaughey, who most will remember as Jarryd Hayne’s special teams coach last season at the 49ers.

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