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We all knew one of the Australian punters at were going to miss out at the New York Jets, we just didn’t know it was going to be so soon.

Former Utah Utes punter and two-time Ray Guy Award winning Tom Hackett has been cut by the New York Jets before a ball has been kicked in preseason.

This leaves fellow Australian Lachlan Edwards as the only punter on the roster.

The fear for Hackett coming into the NFL was that his roll-out style of punting that made him such a magician in college football would not translate to the NFL.

We speculated here on AussieFaithful whether the different rules around punting and players downfield in the NFL was the reason he wasn’t drafted.

Hackett just won’t have the time he had in college to roll out and kick rugby style.

He will need a special teams coach who can understand how to use his accuracy in an NFL context to make a final 53 squad.

Hackett is a player who throws darts outside of the numbers – Brant Broyer on Tom Hackett

Hackett is not a stranger to the traditional punting style, but has openly admitted his strength is in directional punting rather than pure hang time and distance.

Going for distance over accuracy

Jets special teams coordinator Brant Boyer has decided the bigger leg is what was needed for the Jets this season.

Edwards is a Big leg guy who has a monster leg. He is going to be one of the better punters around – Brant Broyer on Lachlan Edwards

The Jets announced the cutting of Hackett just after the re-signing of incumbent quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

According to the Jets, Hackett was waived to open a spot for Fitzpatrick, the starting quarterback for the Jets last season that has been in prolonged contract negotiations since the end of last season.

Where to now?

The question now is whether another team can see the potential Hackett’s style can bring to a team.

With all rosters at capacity with punters already, Hackett now waits for an opportunity to come back into a team as a camp punter for the exhibition season.

We will keep you posted on any developments.

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