Source: A 15 million dollar deal between the National Gridiron League and a major investor to invest in the Brisbane Outlaws will result in a name change to be announced in coming days.

Details on the investing party are not known at this stage but it is understood the money is coming from Asia as per our model for how the NGL might make money from last month.

Same team, different name

As part of the investment deal, the Brisbane Outlaws name will be no more.

The name will be changed to appease cultural concerns over the gun slinging logo and the use of “Outlaws” in the team name.


The logo, featuring a football holding two guns would not sit well with a host of Asian countries who implement strict gun control laws and have a sensitive cultural history around the use of weapons and the ideology behind the Outlaw moniker.

Existing colours for the Brisbane team will remain the same to avoid the need for new equipment to be purchased.

A request was put to the NGL for official confirmation on the source of this investment but no response has been received at time of writing.

What will $15M buy you?

While most NGL franchises have some level of external investment as part of their funding, this marks the first time a franchise has had the one investment group purchase a large stake in a NGL team.

It is understood the holding will be around the 40%, with existing investors bought out or re-allocated shares to other franchises.

The investment is a major boost to a league that has suffered a serious public relations hit in recent times after the delay of the season to October 2017.

What will the new name be?

Sadly this looks like the end of the logo affectionately labelled “Mr Potato Head” by the #OutlawCountry.

It begs the question, what will the new name and logo be?

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