Hayne is back. And now Flight Club 38 returns!

We are pleased to welcome @Carlbandwith to the writing staff of 49aus. Carl brings over his popular column Flight Club 38 where he takes a unique look at the NFL career of Jarryd Hayne. And remember. What happens in Flight Club. Stays in Flight Club.

It’s that time of week again folks. That’s right, Flight Club 38 time. Arguably Australia’s greatest discussion forum for all things Hayne.

Flight Club 38 is your opportunity to discuss the greatest player to ever play three four games in the NFL.

For the 49ers.

From Australia.

Named Jarryd.


Will we, or won’t we?

This week is devoted to the “will we, won’t we, get rid of Kap” discussion.

49aus’ own @IamAdamJowett wrote an article asking the question whether Colin Kaepernick was used enough in the pre-season trials … ah, sorry … “exhibition games”, to develop some rhythm or flow.

This is an excellent question and one that should be considered before you make your judgments on Kap’s playing future.

Kapgate has sent the American based 49er fans into meltdown. Many are calling for the end of Kap and his time as a 49er.

## Pre-season players are people too

Kap’s preseason and regular season usage are in stark contrast to our experience with Jarryd Hayne here in Australia.

Jarryd was used a lot in preseason but has been almost unseen in the past four games. With the focus on Kap, the US-based 49er fans and the media seem preoccupied.

Us Aussies, however, don’t concern ourselves with that nonsense. We understand, by using our higher understanding of the game we have known for 5 minutes, that whoever plays quarterback is not as important as who is returning punts and kickoffs.

Seriously. Sort of.

Coach Tim McGuaghey once again set the Aussie 49er fans off when he defied logic and suggested that rugby league and American football are two different sports.

The game is two totally different games. The skillset might be similiar, but it is two totally different games

Whoa. Slow down egghead.

He even went as far as suggesting that the two games are played worlds apart, literally.

it is two totally different strategies, they are worlds apart. Literally.

Now before we go bonkers and start booking flights on Virgin Airlines for Santa Clara and Coach T-Macs office. We should accept that Coach Mac understands that Australia and America are in fact in the same world as each other.

I mean it’s not as if he’s ever said the skills of punt and kick returning are different right?

Anyhow, we know it really doesn’t matter who returns kicks anyway. Really it doesn’t.

The value of special teams

And that brings me to this week’s main topic.

Last week’s game showed us a glimpse into the development of Jarryd Hayne, the rugby league player, and Jarryd Hayne the NFL player.

Hayne is an aggressive player by nature, one not accustomed to taking a back seat. Circumstance has meant he has had to thus far in his 49ers journey.

With Carlos Hyde, Reggie Bush, and maybe Mike Davis ahead of Hayne on the running back depth chart, Jarryd has had to make do with his limited opportunities as a punt returner.

Many see that role as an aside to the actual game winners. Those playing on the offense. That attitude, due to an impressive preseason from Hayne, and the struggling 49ers offense seems to be changing somewhat.

The impact of special team’s play can have a positive effect. Not only on the scoreboard but on the overall attitude of the team.

With old time 49er fans embracing Jarryd as a player, and as a potential match changer, many amongst the 49er faithful are calling for Hayne to receive more playing time.

Some Aussies are even suggesting that he receive more time as a running back. I don’t see Jarryd getting many opportunities there going forward. The players ahead of him are just too good.

That’s not to say that with continued development or injury that we won’t see Hayne on the field on offense soon, but it is unlikely to happen without one of those things.

Am I off my rocker?

So, to this week’s discussion.

Am I right? Will Hayne not see any offensive playing time soon or am I off my rocker?

Do you think Jarryd is at a point where he could make an impact in the backfield? If you do, what do you base that thought process on?

If you do not think he is ready, or deserving, what do you base that on as well?

That’s it for this week Flight Clubbers and until next week, GO NINERS.

If you’re a long time Flight Clubber or a new reader, remember this post is designed to generate discussion amongst fans. We encourage you to leave a comment below, share it around and to engage with other readers.

Oh. One final thing. If you noticed Flight Club moved and are wondering why.


We were traded as part of the deal to bring linebacker Gerald Hodges to the Niners and for a conditional seventh pick in the 2047 draft.

Thanks, Baalke we like it here already.

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