Gridiron Tasmania NGL Camp

Gridiron Tasmania and the National Gridiron League have announced they will host the first of the NGL coaching, junior and senior player camps in Hobart, Tasmania in September.

Members and staff of Gridiron Tasmania, along with NGL Director of Football Operations Kirk Mastromatteo and two NGL head coaches in Kevin Magouirk (Logan Wolverines) and John Klacik (Newcastle Miners) will run junior, senior and coaching camps on September 3rd and 4th at the Glenorchy District Football Club.

What this means for Tasmanian gridiron

Chris Jackson, former Vice President and current board member of Gridiron Tasmania hopes drawing on the experience of coaches coming to the NGL as an opportunity to develop local players and coaches.

Whilst the NGL season has unfortunately been delayed, all credit to them, as they got in touch with us almost straight away to offer the time and experience of these coaches, which is absolutely fantastic for the players and coaches in this state.

The National Gridiron League report that all clinics and camps in Hobart will be free to attend, and will cater for all skill levels for players and coaches.

Gridiron Tasmania are asking attendees for a donation of a tin of food, to pass on to Hobart City Mission, a not-for-profit organisation helping people in need in Southern Tasmania.

Jackson hopes hosting camps such as these will help to bring new players to a sport with a young history in Tasmania, but already providing Australian representatives at senior level.

the camp will achieve two things – work on existing skills and general football understanding, but also introduce new people to the game that will be able to play in our upcoming season starting in November.

While not a part of this years Australian Gridiron League won by the Queensland Sundevils, Gridiron Tasmania view this camp as a good way to help in the process of an impending move into the AGL in coming season.

Gridiron is still growing in the state, however coming into our third senior season, we’ve already learnt and achieved a hell of a lot. We’re even investigating the viability of a fourth team in the north-west of the state.

Our juniors for 13 to 19 year olds commended in some capacity last year. We’ve got plans to be part of the U19 AGL next year in Queensland, and we’ve already had two players make the national Outback team that went to China for the world champs in July.

NGL moving into grass-roots football

The NGL have been roundly criticized for not involving the existing structure in its plans for Australia’s first professional gridiron league.

This is the first significant step since the NGL delay in moving into the development of grass-roots football in Australia.

The NGL is actively focusing on developing American football in Australia. This entails enhancing current and new participant skill levels and attracting new participants. – Kevin Magouirk, Logan Wolverines Head Coach

The first of many?

The NGL have stated the Hobart camp is the first of a series of players camps and clinics to be provided by the NGL.

No further hosts have been announced at time of writing, though Gridiron Victoria made clear their support of the NGL concept when the season one delay was announced and seem like a possible location.

How to attend

The details of the Hobart camp are below as per the official NGL website.

The coaches clinic will be hosted at Hotel Grand Chancellor on Saturday, September 3rd. On the Sunday Glenorchy District Football Club will host the junior player camp from 9:00 am to 10:15am. This will be followed by the senior player camp from 10:30am to 2:00pm. Junior age group is from 14 to 18 and the senior age group is 18+.

Registration for the camp is via the official NGL application form.

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