It has taken 13 episodes, but we finally have our first Sydney Express player on the AussieFaithful Podcast this week. Jonathan Rijo is an offensive lineman out of New York who is ready to bring “showtime” to the city of Sydney.

Jonathan Rijo, lineman for the Sydney Express

Rijo comes to the NGL via Lincoln University and talks to the podcast about what it takes to go from a small high school to professional football, and it is not all about football itself.

We get our first insight into what makes a lineman tick, and Rijo shares his knowledge for those looking at playing the position at any level of football.

We talk football, kangaroo meat, why he was inducted into a hall of fame and honour one of the greats of the NFL in Ray Lewis, an idol of Rijo’s and so many others.

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All that and more this episode as we start rounding out the teams with the player interviews and getting more insight into what is going in between coaches and players as the season approaches.

You can get Jonathan @lionsden62 on Twitter, @_international730 on Instagram and check out his highlights below and remember, share it around to any Express fans as we gear up for season one of the National Gridiron League.

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