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In a surprise announcement to those outside of the National Gridiron League inner sanctum, the NGL have today announced the appointment of Chris Darlison to the position of Chief Executive Officer.

Chris replaces now former CEO Marcin Soluch who now moves to the Chairmen position for the NGL.

Mr Marcin Soluch – Chairman

Responsible for initiating policy decisions, strategic planning, stakeholder relations and acting as the leading representative of the organization.

Chris Darlison had close to two decades of sports management experience, with recent experience in the National Rugby League (NRL) and the Australian Football League (AFL).

Darlison was most recently appointed as Director of Sales at the NGL in May, 2016 before this appointment.

Darlison joins now Chairman Marcin Soluch and a team of six other Directors in the NGL Executive Management Team.

Mr Chris Darlison – Chief Executive Officer

Responsible for planning, organizing, directing, controlling and reviewing the
overall operations of the organization and its major programs, and represent the organization.

The NGL have indicated the move of Darlison to the CEO role is a part of a larger management re-structure that will help to capitalise on corporate opportunities and expand on the launch of the NGL in 2017.

With Darlison’s experience in sports, media and sales, the move will only enhance the prospects of the NGL gaining the needed exposure in its first season and boost the sports management experience at the top-level of the organisation.

With the first of the joint venture camps between the NGL and Gridiron Tasmania only weeks away, and a new “behind the scenes” segment in filming, fans and prospective players will be watching closely as the vie to NGL win back those disgruntled from the initial delay of the competition.

We hope to bring more in Chris Darlison in coming weeks.

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