Well it’s not looking good for the National Gridiron League’s 2017-2018 season kick-off with a recent media release from the NGL confirming what most have been saying for a while.

We don’t know. Or if we do, we still can’t tell you.

While NGL Managing Director Marcin Soluch has said there “is no intention to back away”, the league is siting “several commercial requirements and enhancements” that need to be finalised before the league can go ahead.

Here is the official statement from the NGL:

“The managing director of the National Gridiron League (NGL) has released a long overdue statement on the current progress of the league and some aspects of its future direction.

A key issue addressed is confirming the NGL has not ceased and there is no intention to cease the project. To date, the investment into the project has exceeded $2 million with ongoing commitments. Therefore, there is no intention to back away. League management will continue to focus on establishing a sustainable league.

League management is aware of the limited time remaining to kick off the season in 2017. However, it is clear that there are several commercial requirements and enhancements needed before the season will proceed. The League’s management is focused on ensuring the sustainability of the organization and establishing the right infrastructure before kick-off.

There are also communication changes to provide more information on the progress of the project in the immediate future. The league intends to begin to provide more frequent and ongoing updates relating to the commercial operation of the organization.

Mr. Marcin Soluch has also stated that league management expects ongoing public speculation. Adding that league management does not intend to change course from its current strategic priorities and will continue to focus on establishing the league within its timelines.” – nglworld.com

So there you have it. In essence, we have learned that although there has been a $2M dollar investment so far, the league appears to only be creeping towards a kick off.


Players and coaches continue to find alternative postings so if the league does launch, there will be another drive for new players.

With all that has happened, will the same caliber of players agree to deals?

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