Are we close to finally finding out the status of the proposed National Gridiron League and it’s mooted season 2017/2018?

AussieFaithful have fielded questions from players, both former and hopefully as well as others involved in the initial league setup hoping we had heard more than them from the league.

We hadn’t.

We’ve been chasing through the league the status over the past few months with the season start looming in the not-so-distant future.

While a 2017 season seems more and more unlikely as each day goes by, AussieFaithful were advised of an update to come out of league HQ a couple of weeks ago.

That announcement didn’t materialize, but now it seems it may be even closer.

Thanks to reader Hughy on our Facebook page, this message from NGL media indicates an announcement is impending.

NGL Announcement

Hi Hughy, The league will make a progress announcement via the league’s website within the next few days.

Not much to go on there in terms of detail, but the wording of “progress” indicates we could be in for another delay rather than cancellation.

We won’t know for sure until that announcement drops.

Any news will be welcomed by players and coaches alike as they sort their playing futures for the 2017/2018 seasons around the globe.

What do you think the announcement will be? (let the flame wars begin).

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