Image by Richard Chungong

Central Coast Cyclones fans get their first taste of who is heading to Gosford with an exclusive AussieFaithful interview with National Gridiron League cornerback Richard Chungong.

Richard Chungong, cornerback for the Cyclones

Chungong comes to the NGL from the Western Illinois Leathernecks (not Leatherbacks, listen to understand what I mean). He talks about his journey to win a professional contract playing NGL football and his favourite NFL players past and present.

Chungong even educates this poor host on what is needed to play cornerback at a high level, reveals his love for a second type of Football, and we chat on the recently concluded NBA finals (Aussie Andrew Bogut even gets a mention).

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Listen and get to know one of your players heading down under Cyclones fans, and if you can help Richard out on finding the ultimate Aussie pet, be sure to let him know.

You can get Richard @RichDaFactor3 on Twitter, check out his highlights below and remember, share it around to any Cyclones and NGL fans as we gear up for season one of the National Gridiron League.

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