Robbie Rouse
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With the recent signing of Fresno States all-time leading rusher Robbie Rouse, the Brisbane Outlaws may have put themselves above the rest when it comes to the run game.

As we wrap this weeks focus on the Brisbane Outlaws, we take a more in-depth look at running back Rouse.

With the Outlaws going small at the running back position with Junior Allen, Rouse and Duane Brady, head coach Michael Torres will look to utilize their ability to hit small creases and hide in the shadows of the offense line.

But do good things really come in small packages? I continue my tradition here at AussieFaithful and take an in-depth look at Robbie Rouse’s strength and weaknesses.

Robbie Rouse the journey man

Robert Rouse, or as he prefers, Robbie, has had a journey man career so far.

He started off with a brief stint with the NFL’s Cleveland Browns and the CFL’s Edmonton Eskimos. You can read more about the details from when we broke the news of his signing here.

Most recently he took his skills to the Indoor Football League’s (IFL) Iowa Barnstormers where he stayed for two seasons.

While there, he racked up a total of 170 carries for 413 yards, 11 touchdowns.

He added to those impressive stats with 253 yards off 33 catches as a receiver as you can see in his highlight film from the Barnstormers below.


Rouse is a very active runner with good use of head and shoulder movement to make guys miss.

Has the ability to make multiple cuts for extra yards, and despite his size he is willing to cut back inside through traffic.

I think it’s one of those core characteristics that he has that he doesn’t see himself as being 5-foot-6, He sees himself as a bigger player, so he plays to that level. He’s somebody who gets his inspiration from wanting to prove people wrong, and he’s done that his whole career. – Fresno State head coach Tim DeRuyter

Rouse shows great ability to follow blockers and break out at the right moment.

He understands his smaller stature is his strength, and uses the size of his offensive lineman and patience to find creases for first downs.

He is in no way afraid to lower the boom when it comes to picking up the extra yards.

Has seen some time as a slot receiver with an emphasis on running the flats and wheel routes.

Has great ability to contort body on back shoulder throws.


Lacks consistency when in pass protection due to diving at feet for cut blocks.

Gets pushed off the mark by bigger linebackers.

Size may be an issue when it comes to running screens and seeing over the line.

Taller defenders may take him out of passing plays.

Recent time in half-sized Arena fields and a short camp time will put a question mark on his space awareness in early games.


Robbie Rouse is a talented and explosive running back. He shows great knowledge of running lanes and their progression.

Has the ability to take the game in his own hands. Very dynamic player.

From all of us at the AussieFaithful family, we wish you luck!


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